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The last stop in the family's vacation is a resort on the North Sea in Germany; soon, they will all return to the States, and life will go back to normal. The thought brings relief, but Edgeworth is still yet to process it. Perhaps some time at the beach will help? He doubts it. Even though he's still wearing his shoes, he swears he can feel the sand between his toes. God, when was the last time he'd been to the beach?

Still, at least Gregoria seems to be enjoying herself. That's as much as he can hope for. Some days, he is still overwhelmed by the surge of affection he feels when he looks at his daughter (his daughter). Already dressed in her swimsuit and a sun hat, she runs ahead of her mother before pulling up in front of Edgeworth and performing a polite little bow.

"Dad? Please help me build a sandcastle."

The look Edgeworth throws over Gregoria's head can only be described as stricken panic.

Integra, dear, darling...

... save him?
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Scooping sand in her bucket, Gregoria looks up to Edgeworth mid-action, pondering his question very seriously. She hadn't put much thought into the type of castle she wanted to build, admittedly, only that she knew she wanted to build one with her parents.

"Hmm... could we build one like the castle we stayed at with mummy for Christmas?"

Y'know, the one back in Scotland. Integra shoots Edgeworth an almost pained look when Gregoria mentions this. She's never built a sandcastle before, and furthermore, she inspired this.
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Gregoria, seeming delighted by how quickly Edgeworth seats himself beside her, clasps her hands and nods in agreement (whether or not the castle actually had a moat or not.)

"It did!" she exclaims. And if it didn't, well... it does now.

Integra too, is quick to join them. Albeit-- while the sand does not seem to bother Integra in the same way, she cannot help but notice her daughter's hair brushing against the sand as she sits. Oh, this simply won't do!

"Oh, Gregoria. Let me fix that for you." There is one fussy mother behind her now, combing whatever sand she could through her fingertips before taking it into sections to braid.
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Gregoria's protest fails to deter Integra from her work, studiously braiding their daughter's hair into tight little knots one after the other. It's not even until she feels a pair of eyes fixated on her that she even allows herself to become temporarily distracted.

Yes, she notices you admiring her there, Edgeworth; and like that, her cheeks radiate in a rosy hue. (Integra, you're married.) To Gregoria, she chuckles.

"Now darling, this shouldn't take so long if you just held still."

Integra was close to finished now, as she braided the last knots of her hair. Then, pleased with her work, she completes the look by wrapping the braid into a thick bun around the back of her head.
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"Deep enough to ward away my enemies!!"

Gregoria, still offended by her mother's actions, decides to grab her pail and moves to seat herself on the opposite side of Edgeworth-- as though he were a wedge between her and her mother. Clearly, she's committed an unspeakable crime!! (She'll get over it.) Cue one very perplexed Integra:

"It appears I've been exiled." she quipped, not certain what to make of this, but in spite of it all, picks up one of the other buckets to fill it up with sand.
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Gregoria is tenderheaded, methinks... :|a

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Integra slides her hand atop Edgeworth's, smiling sweetly to him before peering downward at her daughter.

"Gregoria, I don't believe the defender of your kingdom would like it very much if we were warring against one another-- and frankly, I wouldn't like it either."

She spoke in the same, hushed, cooing tone she normally would to read bedtime stories or settle her down during a storm. This, too, she felt applied here.

"Would you have preferred I had to wash and comb the sand from your hair later?"

Somehow, Integra doubts that's the case.
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Struggling to keep her sense of humour, Integra lets out a long, exasperated sigh. Let it be known you shouldn't try to reason with a three year old, yet she still persisted.

"Forgive me, darling," she apologizes in earnest, "I'm afraid your scalp is more sensitive than most. I'll try not to make the braids as tight next time. Would it help if I rubbed your head?"

It's hard to let Edgeworth go unacknowledged, knowing how much effort he put into merely learning how to manage his daughter's hair, but for now she gives his hand a gentle squeeze, as if meaning to say more later.
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That... certainly was the man she married just now. Integra has just barely pulled Gregoria into her arms before she cocks her head to face him, casting Edgeworth a glare that could very well snap mere mortals in two.

No, she is not about to mediate an impending war between her husband and their only child. For now, she had to focus on diverting Gregoria's attention, which she attempts by running her hands atop her head into a gentle massage.

"Does this help at all, darling?"