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The last stop in the family's vacation is a resort on the North Sea in Germany; soon, they will all return to the States, and life will go back to normal. The thought brings relief, but Edgeworth is still yet to process it. Perhaps some time at the beach will help? He doubts it. Even though he's still wearing his shoes, he swears he can feel the sand between his toes. God, when was the last time he'd been to the beach?

Still, at least Gregoria seems to be enjoying herself. That's as much as he can hope for. Some days, he is still overwhelmed by the surge of affection he feels when he looks at his daughter (his daughter). Already dressed in her swimsuit and a sun hat, she runs ahead of her mother before pulling up in front of Edgeworth and performing a polite little bow.

"Dad? Please help me build a sandcastle."

The look Edgeworth throws over Gregoria's head can only be described as stricken panic.

Integra, dear, darling...

... save him?