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Karina doesn't usually linger after her set's complete. It's not that she doesn't want to support her fellow artists, it's that she just doesn't have the time. Turns out that have a triple-life doesn't get any less exhausting, even once you've graduated high school. Tonight, though, she has a rare reprieve; no new planned promotions with Blue Rose are on the cards, everything's either already been done or isn't going to start until after the New Year. Thus, Karina breaks her routine.

She lingers.

It hasn't been too long since she's been legally allowed to drink, and she's still working out her favourites. By the time she's nursing a gin and tonic over at the bar, the next singer is ascending to the stage. A small part of her thinks it will be good to see what the competition is doing. A larger, now more honest part of herself just wants to kick back and enjoy the show.
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"Alright... Karina." Yep, that brings her blush up another notch. "Just water, yeah." She gives a meaningful glance to whoever's tending bar, then turns back to Karina with that nervous smile again. "I always stick with water after I sing."

She doesn't know if that's actually the best thing to do, since she hasn't had any formal training. But not knowing what to avoid before and after a performance makes water seem the safest to her.

"Um, what about you? You probably know all the tricks, huh?" Even aside from professional interest, there's so much she's curious about with Karina. It's all she can do to keep from bursting forth with dozens of questions all at once and probably seeming like a crazy person.