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Natsuru Senou ([personal profile] thirdbeauty) wrote in [community profile] skycourt 2016-12-26 05:11 pm (UTC)


She wasn't sure what to say even after the thumbs-up, but Karina's voice shatters through her nervous haze and forces her to realize what's actually happening. Karina's turned towards her, and is talking to her! Complimenting her, even! The flush of her cheeks growing deeper, she nervously touches her hair and gives the blonde a bashful, but also pleased, smile.

"Oh... it wasn't much, compared to you! I mean, you were so amazing up there! And this is just my first night." She pauses, realizing that her thoughts are just spilling out unfiltered, and tries to rein herself in a bit. "Er... th-that is... thank you. I'm... glad you stayed to watch..."

She takes a breath, so embarrassed she avoids eye contact for a moment. But soon enough, she's brushing her hair aside while turning to face Karina properly. She feels a nervous little flutter and her heart starts racing all over again when it really hits her that the singer she's admired so much is sitting right there, and did just give her a compliment.

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