uisce: curtainfire; gift dnt; (They're lining up the prisoners;)
Sir Integra Hellsing ([personal profile] uisce) wrote in [community profile] skycourt 2017-02-09 01:16 am (UTC)

"Deep enough to ward away my enemies!!"

Gregoria, still offended by her mother's actions, decides to grab her pail and moves to seat herself on the opposite side of Edgeworth-- as though he were a wedge between her and her mother. Clearly, she's committed an unspeakable crime!! (She'll get over it.) Cue one very perplexed Integra:

"It appears I've been exiled." she quipped, not certain what to make of this, but in spite of it all, picks up one of the other buckets to fill it up with sand.

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