uisce: (I struggled with some demons;)
Sir Integra Hellsing ([personal profile] uisce) wrote in [community profile] skycourt 2017-02-07 03:53 pm (UTC)

Gregoria's protest fails to deter Integra from her work, studiously braiding their daughter's hair into tight little knots one after the other. It's not even until she feels a pair of eyes fixated on her that she even allows herself to become temporarily distracted.

Yes, she notices you admiring her there, Edgeworth; and like that, her cheeks radiate in a rosy hue. (Integra, you're married.) To Gregoria, she chuckles.

"Now darling, this shouldn't take so long if you just held still."

Integra was close to finished now, as she braided the last knots of her hair. Then, pleased with her work, she completes the look by wrapping the braid into a thick bun around the back of her head.

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