uisce: mignonette; (If thine is the glory;)
Sir Integra Hellsing ([personal profile] uisce) wrote in [community profile] skycourt 2017-01-22 11:57 am (UTC)

Gregoria, seeming delighted by how quickly Edgeworth seats himself beside her, clasps her hands and nods in agreement (whether or not the castle actually had a moat or not.)

"It did!" she exclaims. And if it didn't, well... it does now.

Integra too, is quick to join them. Albeit-- while the sand does not seem to bother Integra in the same way, she cannot help but notice her daughter's hair brushing against the sand as she sits. Oh, this simply won't do!

"Oh, Gregoria. Let me fix that for you." There is one fussy mother behind her now, combing whatever sand she could through her fingertips before taking it into sections to braid.

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